A comprehensive three-day recovery-centric Family Retreat.

The Family Retreat is based in parts upon the client-centric methods and principles employed in the Basic Training program and family-centric methods and principles found in he Basic Training: Family Edition educational webinar series.

The Basic Training program, the Retreat will cover the neurological and physiological aspects of addiction, as well as the impact substance abuse has on an addict’s mental, emotional and spiritual health. The Retreat will chart the impact a loved one’s addiction has on a family’s well-being, the role each family plays in a loved one’s addiction, and how best to counter the impact and redefine the role.

Mostly though, the Retreat is designed to provide the tools necessary to restore mental, emotional and spiritual health, on both sides of the recovery equation, and to ensure families are fully equipped to help their loved ones achieve long-term sobriety.

Topics include the Disease Model, Recovery, Relapse, Boundaries & Bottoms, and Warning Signs, from both the Addict’s and the Family’s Perspective, plus an additional segment covering Family Self Care. There’ll be guest speakers, role-playing workshops, assessment tests, treatment seminars and group therapy sessions, as well as intensive training in all things addict and alcoholic.

Think of the Family Retreat as a three-day immersion in the solution to the problem of addiction.


$550/one-time payment

  • includes our 3-day family education retreat


6 payments of $100

  • includes our 3-day family education retreat