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Addiction is a Family Disease

Families may be as unique as the individuals that comprise them, yet when addiction enters the picture each is as vulnerable as the next -- and the last.   

The Family System

If families are unique (and they are), then it stands to good reason that each family's system is also unique. Members take on their own individual ways of interacting with those inside and outside the family unit. That, in turn, provides equilibrium to the family system; an equilibrium that's essential in handling any and all issues and/or responsibilities that arise.

Addiction, naturally, upends that equilibrium and throws the family into imbalance. A significant weight has been added to the family equation and the members must now try to shoulder the burden without completely collapsing. Unfortunately, with one family member already half broken and seemingly determined to shatter everything in their path, that burden takes on an almost Sisyphean dimension.

Thankfully there are measures a...

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