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About The Foundation

The Schnellenberger Family Foundation (SFF) was created work in tandem with The Sober Home Kit, LLC to address the needs of an addict’s immediate family. It is well known that addiction is a family disease. It affects all those –parents, siblings, spouses, and children – that are close to the addict, and it affects them in many ways: emotionally, physically, and financially. These are the ways that The Schnellenberger Family Foundation works to support families battling addiction cope and heal. 

The Schnellenberger Family Foundation presents a Free On-Line Family Educational weekly webinar whose goal is to educate and equip the families affected by those battling addiction with the tools necessary to affect long-term recovery for families and loved ones affected by addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

The Schnellenberger Family Foundation also sponsors a three-day Family Retreat combining the educational know-how of our Free On-Line Family Educational Webinar series with the face-to-face insight gleaned from qualified professionals. In addition to the SFF hosts, the Family Retreat features guest speakers, role-playing workshops, assessment tests, treatment seminars, group therapy sessions and a many more recovery-related activities.


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